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Healing is the process by which the body repairs damage or cures itself of infections etc. Hippocrates referred to this phenomenon as physis.[1] The body utilises different mechanisms to accomplish healing and restitute itself to health; the immune system combats infections, the koagulation process prevents excessive bleeding, muscles and bones may mend or rebuild themselves if damaged.

Dr. Lopez is quoted for saying:

"[...] it's not medicine which 'cures', not the drug. No doctor can heal a wound. He or she can contribute towards its healing, can relieve the strain on the body in many ways, support it, but healing and maintenance of health is the responsibility of the body's own defenses."[2]

Modern medicine seeks to support the body in the healing process by for instance destroying invading microorganisms with antibiotics.

In contrast, orthomolecular medicine aims to optimize the body's own abillity to heal itself by providing it with sufficient nutrients.


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