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Macronutrients refers to the three main components of food; fat, protein and carbohydrates. Along with alcohol (which is not essential nutritionally), the macronutrients are our sources of energy. We derive approximately 4 calories per gram of protein or carbohydrate, while fat yields approximately 9 calories per gram.[1]


Fats are essential for our bodies to function properly. 20-35% of our daily calory intake should come from fats.[1]

Fats can be found as a variety of lipids. Among these we find:

...and many others.


Proteins are used to build many structures in the body, as well as taking part in many different processes. 10-35% of our calories should come from proteins; this can usually be easily achieved by eating a normal, balanced diet.[1]


Carbohydrates are our main source of fuel. Up to 45-65% of the calories we consume may be carbohydrates.[1]


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