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Welcome to the Natural Health Wiki

For starters, this site is all about examining, cataloguing, documenting and generally exploring the vast world of health as related to vitamins, nutrients, the effects on the human body and the various research being conducted along these lines.

Also, it is meant as a way of exploring the possible connections between diet and health as well as the various ailments and diseases that might be connected to nutrition, or rather malnutrition. Thus the aspiration is to only include material which is well documented by (recent) research.

Finally, this site should hopefully help people get a more richly facetted view on health, allowing them to form their own opinion based on the facts and theories gathered in these pages.

New contributors are encouraged to peruse the list of standards for this wiki, as these should provide the basics with regards to policies, aims, goals and generally do's and don'ts 'round here.


  • August 2nd, 2009: Natural Health Wiki is created!
  • February 26th, 2011: Cancer is created as our 50th article.


It must be stated that the contents in these pages, although they may contain references to health related issues and research, are in no way intended to take precedence over or indeed substitute professional medical advice. Likewise, the reader is advised never to base diet or treatment on information found here without consulting their own licensed health care provider. The Natural Health Wiki and it's contributors accept no responsibility for any possible consequences from any action or application of supplementation to any person reading or following the information of this website.